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Surgical resection of venous malformations of the forearm

We retrospectively reviewed 35 patients with venous malformations located in the forearm and treated by surgery in a single institution during the period 2010–19. The common complaints were pain and swelling (34 patients) and impaired function with contractures of fingers (15 patients). Twenty-four had complete resection and 11 had an incomplete resection. Associated procedures were reconstruction or lengthening of tendons in 17 patients. At the last follow-up (mean 61 months), 32 of the 35 had no residual pain and 27 had no functional sequelae.

On MRI follow-up exams, 27 had no residual venous malformations. Venous malformations in the anterior compartment of the forearm can impair the function of the hand. They are developed almost exclusively in the connective tissue around tendons and muscles, deforming the musculotendinous structures and involving nerves. Surgery seems an appropriate option for the condition in this area.

Publication if the Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume) 0(0) 1–6

Keywords Venous malformation, forearm, surgical resection, reconstructive surgery

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